jeff-og-ogbar “Welcome to the Center for the Study of Popular Music! Launched in August 2014, the Center is a new, critical space for utilization of a wide range of University resources related to popular music.”

UConn is home to a considerable amount of collections related to popular music, as well as faculty who have published books, articles and continue to teach courses on various forms of popular music in the United States and abroad. Several student organizations have missions related to popular music. The Center for the Study of Popular Music (CSPM) is a locus for systematically bringing together these campus resources in innovative and critical ways that can maximize expertise, stimulate curricular and pedagogical development, and enhance collaboration. Faculty who are engaged in scholarly work related to popular music, including research and teaching, will have a space for collaborative programming, including sponsoring guest speakers, visiting professors, artists-in-residence, symposia, and brown-bag lunches. The CSPM also provides opportunities for students to pursue independent studies with faculty, internships, mentoring and community engagement through community partnerships.

The Center is funded by the generous support of external sources contributed to the UConn Foundation. To help support our mission, please click here!