Affiliated Faculty

All affiliated faculty are UConn professors who engage in scholarship and teaching related to popular music. These forms of popular music are not constricted to the United States or the current generation of music. Several faculty have written books and articles on popular music, most have taught courses on various forms of popular music.

Jeffrey O. G. Ogbar (Director) Professor of History
Dexter Gabriel Assistant Professor of History and Africana Studies
Walter Woodward Associate Professor of History and Connecticut State Historian
Eric Rice Department Head, Associate Professor of Music History, Director of Collegium Musicum
Lewis Gordon Professor and Department Head (Philosophy)
Grégory Pierrot Associate Professor of English
John Mastroianni Assistant Professor in Residence of Jazz Studies

Advisory Board

Stefanie Acevedo

Carl Dean

Dexter Gabriel

John Mastroianni

Michael Morrell

Christopher Vials